Interview with Betsy Chasse

betsy-chasseThis is an interview by The Bleeping Herald with Betsy Chasse.

Herald – The theme of this Herald is radical change—which is appropriate starting out in a New Year. What’s your take on the state of the world at the moment?

Betsy –   I think as a species we’re facing a fork in the road. We have two directions we could go right now. Which path are we going to take? Which way will we go? How will it happen? I think it was Erwin Laszlo who talked about how systems breakdown and then they build back up and that sometimes it takes a really radical event for change to occur. I think that’s where we’re at right now.

Herald – Certainly the 2016 elections proved to be a radical event.

Betsy – We’ll see what happens. But we keep having these opportunities to change and then we don’t do anything—like back in 2008 when the banking system was on the edge of collapse. We should of just let the banks go. But everybody was so afraid to let go of the status quo that we didn’t change a thing.

Even the entire New Thought, self-help industry seems stagnant. Everybody knows that what you think matters—that we create our own reality. Even a five-year-old knows that anymore. But we’re not really doing anything with it. We have the technology to save the planet right now. We have enough food so that no one on this planet should ever go hungry. We have enough homes to put everybody in a house. We’ve got it all. The only thing that’s stopping us from doing amazing things and taking care of the planet is ourselves.

It’s time to get serious and do this stuff. Apply what we know. Forget about yammering on about spirituality and near-death experiences and angels. All that’s been around forever. It’s just old news. We need the new, the raw, the real. That’s why I wrote my first little book, Metanoia.

Herald –  Metanoia … the changing of one’s mind through a sort of breakdown. You wrote that book in 2011 while you were in the middle of your divorce didn’t you?

Betsy – My divorce was the catalyst for a total re-examination of my life. After What the Bleep I thought I had it all figured out. I was going to be a writer and a speaker and I was going to go out and tell people how they can be happy. And when my divorce happened I realized I had a lot of really cool data, but hadn’t integrated it.

Herald – What’s changed since then?

Betsy – What’s changed is I knew everything when we made The Bleep. Then my whole life fell apart. Now I’m totally willing to tell you that I have no freaking clue. I don’t know shit. That’s what’s changed.

Herald – And yet you’ve written the book Tipping Sacred Cows and produced the movie Song of the New Earth and directed and produced The Empty Womb and started a mother’s magazine, Meaningful Moms You must know something.

Betsy – I know I’m living in an alternate reality in which I think everything I think is real and true. And that’s just not true! It’s so fascinating to me that we make up these crazy stories about “how life is” and then we totally live our lives according to the story we have in our heads. And then we just perpetuate the story over and over and over again.

That’s what Tipping Sacred Cows is about. That’s exactly what all my work is about. Everything I do is designed to create an opportunity for people to stop for a second, and go, “Wait a minute. Is that really true? Or is it just my precious story?” We’re all wounded people. Every single one of us has a story of pain to share. Some might be “worse” than others. But we all have a story of suffering from the moment we came out of the vagina. And our entire belief system and life perspective is wrapped around that. At some point we have to ask, “Am I going to make the same decision based on my past and my fears? Or would I like a different ride?”

Herald – Truth is we can change our story in a heartbeat. We can don a new avatar and head out in a whole new direction anytime we want. That’s the quantum shift. There’s no transition. There’s no steppingstone. There’s no process between one story and the other. You just jump.

Betsy – Exactly. But it’s really difficult for people to wrap their heads around it.

Herald – It reminds me of that Bob Newhart Show skit where a patient comes in and says “I’m terrified of being buried alive in a box. I think about it all the time.” And Newhart says, “Well, stop it.” Shocked, she asks, “But how?” And he says, “You just S-T-O-P  … stop.”

Betsy –  Exactly. You don’t think about it. You do it. (Laughs) I should follow my own advice. It’s like I love to smoke. But tomorrow I could get up and take action and not smoke. There’s nothing magic about it. I just have to do it. And it’s the same way with everything in your life. You just have to make the choice.

Herald – Has knowing this freed you up?

Betsy – It’s freed me up and it’s scary as hell because I don’t have any preconceived notions about what my life is supposed to be now.  Mostly I have a lot of gratitude. In fact, I’m super-ass grateful for my life. I don’t think that was something I was very good at when I was making The Bleep.

Herald – Do you create your day and try to have things happen in a particular way or do you just have an overview of the feeling and experience you want to have and let it go?

Betsy – I have a lot of dreams and there’s a lot of things I’d love to see and do. But  I’ve let go of the need to control outcomes. It’s a balance of letting go and getting things done. I said I wanted to create a website for moms and I went out and did it. I had to it visualize it and organize it and do the practical hard work. Whereas before I probably would’ve put a whole bunch of pressure on myself about how it had to be like “this, “and how it had to be perfect, and it had to succeed. Now, as long as everything that I’m doing is in alignment with the message I want to convey, it’s fine.

Herald – I understand you’re creating a TV show called Radical Dating?

How does that fit in with your message about dropping old ego stories?

Betsy –  About 50 percent of the US population is single, which is the highest it’s ever been. And about 38 percent of those people are over forty and they struggle with finding love. And if you think about it, it’s because we’re stuck in this old paradigm about the way love should be and the way relationship should be. There’s a lot of healing and load shifting and belief killing we need to do to in order to find the relationship that we want.

That’s why I’m doing the show—not because I want to do a dating show. But because it’s an opportunity to share with a lot of people some of these core concepts. If you know what you want, well then go for it.



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