Welcome to the last “catch-up” Herald. In this edition Mark Vicente talks about his life post-Bleep and his many film projects designed to—as he puts it, “Shake things up a bit and have people reevaluating life.” From Mexican kidnappings to American politics, from carbon wars to the current state of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Mark talks about his views on it all.




Next Will interviews me. Nothing like your ex-boss asking you questions about what the state of “no-self” is like—which is only one of the things he asked after he read The E Word and stopped repeatedly saying “Holy shit!” and things like, “I had no idea about your personal journey!” Which, if we’re talking enlightenment, wasn’t actually personal at all, of course. It was… well… you’ll see!




Lynne McTaggart of The Intention Experiment fame talks about the miraculous power of small groups to come together and change things—from health to relationships to career—through their joint focused intention. And she opens her groups up to Herald subscribers with a special offer.




Finally we have a review of the amazing sci-fi film Arrival that is up for several Academy Awards this year, including Best Picture.





There’s also a movie review and a teaser
on my new book that Atria bringing out in
January: The E Word: Ego, Enlightenment
& Other Essentials
. And the way life is
going, who knows what (the &^*%$) else
we’ll have by then…


So welcome back! Enjoy!


Cate Montana






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