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In Memoria: Masaru Emoto

MASARU EMOTO July 22, 1943 – Oct.17, 2014 Dr. Emoto was born in Yokohama and graduated of Yokohama municipal’s University Department of Humanities and Science, with a focus on international relations. In October 1992 he was certified by the Open International University as a doctor of alternative medicine. Subsequently he was introduced to the concept […]

Embrace the unexplained

I want to introduce to the BLEEP community Jeff Kripal. I was introduced to Jeff by Dean Radin, who thought Jeff would be a great addition to the new BLEEP Movie (What the BLEEP: Now WHAT!?). I agreed and we interviewed him in the fall. He was so good that we interview Jeff again this […]

Beyond Words Joins BLEEP

Thirty years ago, Beyond Words started along their path to changing how people view themselves and the world. From coffee table books to international bestsellers like Hidden Messages in Water and The Secret, and now to partnering with revolutionary filmmakers like Will Arntz and Betsy Chasse, Beyond Words is always on the lookout for what […]