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In Memoria: Masaru Emoto

MASARU EMOTO July 22, 1943 – Oct.17, 2014 Dr. Emoto was born in Yokohama and graduated of Yokohama municipal’s University Department of Humanities and Science, with a focus on international relations. In October 1992 he was certified by the Open International University as a doctor of alternative medicine. Subsequently he was introduced to the concept […]

Interview with Deirdre Hade, co-author of “The (not so) Little Book of Surprises”

This is an interview by The Bleeping Herald with Deirdre Hade, co‑author of the book The (Not So) Little Book of Surprises. Herald: Your book is filled with mystical poetry, prophecy and nuts-and-bolts wisdom for living, with some good laughs and gorgeous pictures. How did something like this come about? Deirdre: This book was actually […]

In Memoria: Candace Pert, PhD

Candace Pert, Ph.D. June 26, 1946 – Sept. 12, 2013 On a Friday evening in 1973 Candace Pert, a pharmacology graduate assistant at John Hopkins University, crept into the university lab of her supervisor, neuroscientist Sol Snyder, and injected morphine tagged with a radioactive tracer into the brain tissue of a mouse. Within a couple […]